Housing & Services



The entire City of West Point is classed as an Urban Revitalization District as set out in Chapter 404 of the Code of Iowa.  The purpose is to encourage and stimulate construction of new housing, as well as rehabilitation of existing housing.  New residential construction on vacant land or on land with existing structures, or rehabilitation or additions to existing housing that increases the assessed value by at least 10%, receives a 100% three-year exemption from property tax on the first seventy-five thousand dollars of assessed value added by the improvements.


The City of West Point is the only community in Lee County that owns and operates its own electric utility.  Because of this, the West Point Municipal Electric System has provided residents with one of the lowest billing rates in Iowa.  Likewise, the West Point Municipal Water System is owned and operated by the City of West Point; allowing the cost of water service to be one of the lowest in Iowa.


West Point is served by a very capable volunteer Fire & Rescue Department, which brings the insurance rating to Class 7.  Additionally, the existence of a 24-hour police force ensures a peaceful community that is virtually crime free.


  • Gas service is provided by Mid-American Energy (888-427-5632).
  • Telephone service is provided by Iowa Telecom (877-902-4692).
  • Cable service is provided by Mediacom (319-753-6571).
  • High-speed internet is provided by both Iowa Telecom and Mediacom.
  • Dial-up internet is provided by Lisco (800-331-8414).
  • Video-Tele-conferencing is provided by the Iowa Communication Network (ICN) site located at the Holy Trinity Catholic Schools, West Point Campus (319-837-6131).


As a service to residents, the City provides a voluntary recycling drop center for metal cans, plastics, newsprint and magazines, and cardboard.  The site is open 24 hours a day.

Great River Regional Waste Authority will no longer accept:

  • Plastic grocery sacks and other thin plastic sheeting materials
  • Glass of any kind

Please do not place these items in or around the recycling area. Instead, arrange for disposal of these items with your normal trash collection agency.