WP Community Club

Formed in 1957, the West Point Community Club Inc., was established to encourage the civic, commercial and industrial development of the City of West Point, a community which lies centrally in Lee County, Iowa, in the extreme southeast corner of the State of Iowa. Community Club meetings, which are normally conducted on a monthly basis, address issues similar to those of a Chamber of Commerce. Club members are interested citizens, that either reside in West Point, or have a direct interest in the development of the West Point community. The West Point Community Club has contributed to innumerable community projects including;

  • South Park Baseball Diamond
  • South Park Soccer Field
  • Veterans Memorial Park
  • City Park Shelter House, Playground Project and Statue of Liberty Restoration Projects
  • Pollmiller Lake Park Bike Path Project
  • City of West Point Welcome Signage
  • Library/Museum/Tourist Information Center Construction Project

The officers of the Community Club rotate on a yearly basis. Telephone the West Point City Hall at (319)837-6313 to request the name and telephone number of a Community Club point-of-contact. Or, contact the Club Secretary by clicking below.